EDT 15min chins @18,8kg x32/ push ups @21kg x32

Setting up for each set of  loaded chin ups and push ups take a bit of time, so I think I am going to have to do 20min sessions to be able to increase the reps.

ab wheel

run 20min. I have been training density method with reverse lunges for 4 weeks, so it was time to take a week off it, and running felt good.



trail run x40 min (6 push ups, 20 Hindu squats, 10 ice skaters x9 along the way)

chin ups x6 x6 sets along the day

A new training strategy is taking shape…


trail run x20 min

2 min on/1 min off:

  • snatch @16kg @20rpm, @20kg @20rpm, @24kg @20rpm
  • 1 arm LC @20kg @12rpm, @24kg @12rpm
  • LC @2x20kg @10rpm

The thumb-less grip seems to work alright, of course hard to say how it will go on longer sets. But that’s OK, I won’t be breaking any of my records in LC or snatch this Saturday anyway 🙂

That’s it, tomorrow I’ll be off to Copenhagen to set up the venue for our second national championship, teach a class, and pray everything goes smooth tomorrow!

Kettlebell Sport DM 2013


trail run x30min

swing @28kg x80 e.s

hip thrust @52kg x15, 15

Bulgarian bag spins x10 e.s

swing to squat with Indian clubs (Rock-it swing) x50. Been experimenting lately with those as a way to increase endurance in the legs, I think I’ll use them more.


Active recovery day

Trail run x20min

Black LC (2Sw,1C, 1J,1OHSQ,1PP) @2x16kg x15min

I took it nice and easy tempo and 15min wasn’t as bad as expected! I think I will incorporate this approach in my training after the competitions in September. It gave me some metal fortitude if nothing else!

That’s the longest set I have trained in a very long time. I have done 20min snatch @16kg with 1 hand switch in 2010. And in April this year, I took the courage to do a set of LC @2x20kg for 12 min,   after reading Gregor Sobocan’s article on Functional Threshold Power

Good stuff!


So I have thinking a little and revised and simplified my training approach for the next 8 weeks, leading to a GSU meet in London.

I will use the rest of this week to build back up to working with 24s. As I will train in my cellar mostly, I do not plan to touch a barbell for a while, so it will be interesting to see how general strength level will be in some weeks.

LC @2x16kg x6 min @9rpm (last min @11) 56 reps

jerk @28kg x12 e.s

double swing dropset @28,24,20,16kg x10,15,20,25 (70)

trail run 25min