Superset KB triathlon
A1 1 min rope skip
A2 Jerk @24kg x1min @16rpm
* 5sets
B1 1 min rope skip
B2  Half snatch @24kg x1min @16rpm
* 5sets
C1 1 min rope skip
C2 LC @24kg x1min @12rpm
* 5sets
= 30min

Suitcase walk @24kg x30 steps e.s



Circuit x6 (30min time limit)
rope skip x50
snatch @20kg x10 e.s
rope skip x50
BG bag @12kg arm cast to spin x10
rope skip x50
Push up x10
rope skip x50
2H swing @40kg x10
= 1 round

Day 5 of A. Gernez protocol. If interested this site breaks it down. http://flipper.diff.org/app/items/6612
The timing of the I.F fasting is not conductive to kettlebell marathon training, but that’s how it goes.
On the plus side, I lost 3 cm around my waist.


Guess what? no training during the holidays, and drove a shitload of kms… whole body is stiff and tight
That kettlebell half marathon in 3 weeks is going to be rough 🙂

warm up: rope skipping, suitcase carry, 1 leg DL, windmill

snatch @16kg @20rpm x6min/ 3 min rest, 8min/ 3min rest, 6min

A1: RFESS @2*12kg x5 e.s A2: row @24kg x6 e.s *3 sets


warm up: jump rope, hindu push ups, deck squats, TGU @20,24,28kg

6min @24kg/2min rest

LCPP @10rpm
Snatch @20rpm
Jerk @14rpm

hollow, bridge

working over the weekend always leaves me a little too tired. Decided to do assistance work tomorrow instead.
only 2 KB sessions this week because of filming KB exercises this coming weekend.


warm up: good mornings, TGU, BG bag spins, BNP, jump rope

4min work @24kg/ 3min jump rope
LCPP @12rpm
Snatch @16rpm
Jerk @16rpm
½ snatch @14rpm

EMM *10: Shouldering SB @45kg, carry, turn and drop x2

Glute bridge @70kg x25

farmers @2*40kg x100steps

Hollow, bridge


warm up: rope skip, TGU x1 e.s @16-28kg, shouldering + carry @45kg sandbag, farmers walk @2*32-40kg, DL @100kg x6

LCPP @24kg x10,14,10,14
Sn @24kg x16,20,16,20
Jk @24kg x16,20,16,20

EMM *12: SQ @80kg x1

Glute bridge @60kg x25

Hollow, bridge