Sw@40kg x10 *3/3

TGU @42kg x1/1 *5  PR. Now I just have to do it in half the time 🙂

A1. Indian clubs x1min
A2. rope skip x1min



warm up: rope skip, 1leg RDL @2*20kg *3 e.s, windmill @2*24kg x3 e.s, OH squat @40kg x5, TGU @30kg x1 e.s *2
nice to see that lifts I have not played with in a long time are still easy for a warm up

Sumo DL @89kg x5 *2/ JSq @32kg x5 *2 (Sumo is finally starting to feel more natural)

LCP @26kg x+2+3+4 e.s (PR) / chins @16kg x2 *4

jerk @36kg x6 e.s

Hip thrust @89kg x10*2/ RDL @36kg x12*2

Total Spa afternoon: winter swimming, suntan and walk barefoot on grass 🙂 Now, some Indian club swinging!