yesterday I did some garden work, lifting concrete blocks and hammering, wheel barrow…

today I went for barefoot walk on the beach and then warmed up with a little KB complex
1clean, 1 snatch, 1press, 1 windmill *3 e.s @16,20,22,24,26kg
1clean, 1snatch, 1 push press, 1 windmill e.s @28,30,32,36kg

bent over row with sandbag @30kg x10, @45kg x10

shouldering + carry 5m with sandbag @51kg x1 e.s *5 (even managed a few reps of direct shouldering instead of zercher technique)

I felt so good, I decided to do some Sumo DL. Thought of doing 1min AMRAP @80kg, but instead I did a few singles @60,70,80,90,100,110kg. all reps went easy up, with hook grip, pleasantly surprised 🙂

alternating single leg hip thrust @30kg x30 *2

that was quite an invigorating session, damn!


warm up: rope skip, 1leg RDL, windmill @16-24kg

for time (9’40)
sandbag complex @45kg: shouldering + reverse get up x1 e.s *5 / behind back wrist curls @50kg x10 *5

LCPP x1 e.s up the rack: 16,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,36kg and jerk on last set @40kg

played with bent press, managed a very awkward rep @24kg

back press @150lbs x10

hollow, handstand


warm up: rope skip, sandbag shouldering 45kg, hollow

8min /3min
LCPP @20kg @12rpm
Sn @20kg @20rpm
Jk @20kg @20rpm – the last 2 minutes tempo was hard to keep but I did it!

finisher: glute bridge, reverse lunge from deficit, rows, hollow, bridge



warm up: rope skip x50, swing @24kg x20, Spins @17kg x5e.s x3rounds

EDT 15min rev. lunge sandbag @50kg x53 e.s. Again, huge PR over 20% since Monday. I did 14 sets, so that was 14 shoulderings as well. I can’t really imagine how hard this is going to become when I get over the 60kg mark…

Hip thrust @74kg x15

RDL @68kg x20

Even thrown in some calf raises and curls. Somehow curls hit my arms way way more than chin ups. Bring back direct work!


I started warming up today to realize I was not really into lifting anymore kettlebells for a while. Maybe it’s that time of the year. Powerlifting is also always on the back of my mind 🙂
Instead I decided to shoulder a heavy sandbag. I have not done any shouldering over 45kg in a real long time, so I was happy to do 1 rep e.s with 65kg. And then  I stuffed 2 bags in a duffel and shouldered 75kg.

Chins @16kg x1 x20 in 5:15

Indian club swinging and a walk. Bliss!