50/20 protocol: jerk @2x28kg x60

1Sw1C @2x28kg x10, @2x24kg x10

OH squat @2x16kg x5,5,5



Last hard training session, yes please! GSU Competition next Sunday in London.

LC Intervals 1min on/1min off x13sets, pyramid loading

  1. 2*16kg x12
  2. 2*20kg x10
  3. 2*24kg x9
  4. 2*20kg x12
  5. 2*16kg x13
  6. 2*20kg x12
  7. 2*24kg x10
  8. 2*20kg x12 This started becoming hard
  9. 2*16kg x13
  10. 2*20kg x12
  11. 2*24kg x8 Loss of power, heart rate on fire
  12. 2*20kg x10
  13. 2*16kg x12

Swing @24kg x100 e.s

hindu squat x100 (25/25 Bsquat 50 regular)


LC @2x24kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x20kg x1 min @16rpm, just for fun

Hindu squats x80

1 arm swing @36kg x 50 e.s


LC @2x22kg x6 min @7rpm (last min @9rpm= 44 reps)

jerk @28kg x20 e.s

Double swing dropset @28,24,20kg x20,25,30 (75reps)

run x15min

then went for a dip in the sea. Is there a better feeling than swimming naked and walking barefoot on the sand?

I think I’ll use next week to fully get used to the 24s again, training in a similar fashion. Low volume frequent training has always worked well for me. There are other lifts that would be nice to incorporate in my training, but at the end of the day this approach is just enough to recover and improve. It will be interesting doing 1RM tests after Tyumen at the end of October…


LC @2x20kg x6 min @8rpm (last min @10) 50 reps

jerk @28kg x15 e.s

Double swing @28,24,20,16 x15,20,25,30 (90) OMG! Oh My Glutes!

run with poles x15min (felt like the right amount of sweet tiredness in the legs)


So I have thinking a little and revised and simplified my training approach for the next 8 weeks, leading to a GSU meet in London.

I will use the rest of this week to build back up to working with 24s. As I will train in my cellar mostly, I do not plan to touch a barbell for a while, so it will be interesting to see how general strength level will be in some weeks.

LC @2x16kg x6 min @9rpm (last min @11) 56 reps

jerk @28kg x12 e.s

double swing dropset @28,24,20,16kg x10,15,20,25 (70)

trail run 25min


Probably my 1st LC set with 2x12kg, ever 🙂
Why? the main reason is to build up to a test attempt on Wednesday. I have had a few days off LC last week, so I am basically ramping up nice and easy.
The second reason is to prove people that say a certain weight is to light to do the technique right, that they are too strong for such light weight, and cannot fixate 12kg overhead properly. They are most likely delusional…

So that was it for today, 10 min with 12kg @11rpm, then some sit ups, get ups, windmills, BG bag spins, and med ball throws.


Was a bit early for my class today, so did 12min on treadmill + 10 TGU, killing time.


Trail run x40 min

Indian clubs x25 min

I ended up cutting 5 cm off my 2kg clubs and painting them. (Do  not buy Foeldeack wooden clubs, they are just wooden logs.) The dimensions are now perfect for my arm’s length, no more knocking on double outer swings, and the balance is probably even better than before.

Indian clubsIndian clubs