A1. CDL @101kg x5,4 @121kg x1, @111kg x3,3,2

A2. cable curls @90lbs x6/6 *6

B1. ring hang shrugs x12

B2. handstand shrugs x12 *3

C1. gada 360 @18kg x10/10

C2. meel turns @7kg x12/12

C3. dands x20 *3



Little boy came to the world 2 weeks earlier than planned, between 2 extremely busy weekends.
Finally got some time and energy to train a little while I took Troy to football practice. Got some funny looks from the other parents while swinging the gada…

Circuit *5 rounds
Dands x20
Gada @18kg x5/5
bethak x50
gada @18kg x5/5


Ultimate Girevik Cup went awesomely well, thanks to people that helped.
51 athletes, 10 nations. lots of virtual entries help popularize the disciplines.
I did not expect a PR so I am happy with 515 reps in the kettlebell triathlon with 20kg, and a 2nd place.

Ultimate Girevik Cup (2)

After a few days break, I resumed training with an easy workout. Not planning any specific training until January.


  • rebounding
  • OH squat @2*16kg
  • Hindu push up
  • gada 360 @14kg


Not so much more I can do now about the organization of stage 3 this weekend, so I can relax a bit and even manage to train a bit.
I can never understand people who train even harder when they are stressed, I’d never could do that.

15/15 *21min
A1:Battling ropes on 1 leg. I read about this yesterday and tried it, liked it. It does not affect the output and makes me work on balance and ankle/ knee stabilization from the ground up)
A2: bear hug squats @35kg
A3: gada 360s @14kg


DM on 03/10-15 went really well with a new PR in Snatch @16kg *243 reps. Lifting a light weight was a wise choice given the stress involved in supervising the event and making it run as smooth as possible. Like Kim says, no need to warm up for 16kg 🙂

IMG_1484[1]Today, I got out the Nordic walking poles
run/ walk fartlek *30min

20 sec work/10 sec rest *30 =15min
A1: battling ropes
A2: Mace 360 @15kg

Indian clubs @2*4kg  (swings: in *20 e.s, out *20 e.s, jori *
20 e.s)


I have been alone with Troy this weekend, so pretty hard to put in a normal session…
therefore went out to the park with a 30kg kettlebell and 10kg mace. I can train and keep an eye on him while he plays.

simple and sinister
swing x10*10
TGU x1 e.s *5

going by feel, no timer needed. I find doing a get up with no ceiling as a repair mark quite challenging. Slightly wet grass is also another thing to take into consideration!

mace swing x10 e.s *5