a few speed sets. There’s not much else to do, really. Competition in Latvia, Ventspils Atlants is next Sunday, and I am taking my friend and student Benjamin along.
My body is tired so there’s no point training hard, I’d rather give it a chance to recover. Since I cam home from England on the 02/09, I have seen my wife a couple of hours. She’s studying up North and is away on weekdays. I am away on weekends. That’s the schedule for September… So that’s a lot of extra work around the house, garden and with Troy, my little mischievous 3 years old. I am also tying up all loose ends for our national kettlebell competition on the 05/10.
So training has too be light otherwise I am afraid I will go down with a bug or something 🙂

Skipping over yesterday’s training was a good idea, I hit a new PR today LC 2x20kg x94 reps.

followed by 1 superset:

rockit swing @10kg x50, Hindu squats x50, alternating reverse lunge x50

Off to teach some workshops this weekend: Kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, Indian clubs