So, it was time to get back into LC if I want to be ready for 8th June!

  • LC @2*16kg x1min: 8
  • LC @2*20kg x1min:8
  • LC @2*22kg x1min: 8
  • LC @2*16kg x3min:8,8,10

jerk @28kg x10 e.s

  • 1min work/30sec off
  • chin ups
  • swing @2*24kg
  • jump lunges
  • push ups
  • Jef.DL @2*32kg
  • Hindu squats
  • susp. rows with thick rope
  • ab wheel

swing @28kg x30 e.s



Swing @22kg x 3½min e.s

1min AMRAP x3: Pull up x16, push ups x22, thick rope suspended rows x25

Ab wheel x20,10,5,5

Merry Christmas!


EDT 20min chins @20kg x34, push ups @27kg x34

I saw this 10min KB swing workout today, decided to try it for myself. 5,10,15,20 reps of 2 arm swings done at the start of  every 30 sec interval, followed by 30 sec rest, done for 4 rounds. That’s 200 swings in 10 min. I just increased the load every round using 24,28,32,36kg and eventually got a nice little sweat on.


I came down with some virus last week, and the actual coughing was so bad it left me with a lot of back/ hip pain for a few days. Today I was feeling almost 100% so I got back onto my simplified program, although cautious with weight.

For time (28min): swing @32kg x120 e.s / Jerk @2x28kg x36

clean + push press @24kg x10 e.s

Oh squats @2x16kg x5,5

Indian clubs


Last week, I have achieved my goal of 50 reps LC@2x28kg in 20 min. I actually have hit 50 reps a few times, but last week those 50 reps all felt solid. There is nothing wrong in repeating a training pass until you feel you own the weights and numbers.
My initial plan was to start working on timed sets after that, but I decided to carry on for a while with non specific GS training, with focus on the heavier bells. I have planned my next LC competition for June, so I have plenty of time to get back into proper GS. For now, I think fun with the red devils should be good for me, and I want to test a minimalist approach to training, see where it takes me.

For time: 27min

  • swing @32kg x300
  • Jerk @2x32kg x18

clean and press @20kg x15e.s, multi switch

Slam ball rotation throw 5 e.s x3


Back into it, next stop Latvia for Ventspils Atlants 10th edition, on the 22nd September.

1min on/ 1min off x12:

LC @2x20kg alternating with Jerk @2x16kg: 8,18,11,18,11,18,11,18,11,18,12,20 Kaboom! (jerk sets were done as 30 sec Push press & 30 sec Jerk)

Swing @x28kg x55

Hindu squat x100

1 arm row @28kg x10 e.s


LC @2x24kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x20kg x1 min @16rpm, just for fun

Hindu squats x80

1 arm swing @36kg x 50 e.s