I have been alone with Troy this weekend, so pretty hard to put in a normal session…
therefore went out to the park with a 30kg kettlebell and 10kg mace. I can train and keep an eye on him while he plays.

simple and sinister
swing x10*10
TGU x1 e.s *5

going by feel, no timer needed. I find doing a get up with no ceiling as a repair mark quite challenging. Slightly wet grass is also another thing to take into consideration!

mace swing x10 e.s *5


Black LC (2Sw1C1J) @2x20kg x12 min (last min LC only, @12rpm)

Push press @20kg x3min, switch 30sec 9,9,8,8,8,8

1 arm swing @28kg x70e.s

Hindu squats x130

TRX row x20