1000 snatches

There it is, first time trying to snatch 16kg for one hour, no real training to speak of for the last 3 months.
The biggest issue was blisters, since my skin was not adapted to the workload, and therefore could not last 2 hours… Sometimes you know it is impossible bu you still have to try!
The day before I did 500 BW squat to encourage one the athletes lifting 2 hours.

Thierry Sanchez Kettlebell Snatch



No soreness even after all the weekend work on the field, and playing with meels.

TBDL @112,5kg x3, WDM @16kg x3 e.s *3 sets

RvLg @60kg x3 e.s, Sn @30kg x5 e.s *5 sets

Persian floor press @2*24kg x6 e.s, Rope pull ups x4 *3 sets

BG bag spins @17kg x10 e.s, Ab press @17kg x15

still no timer, so no timed sets ­čÖé it’s actually very enjoyable though it does not help much for my marathon goals…




Warmed up well, was planning Snatch x10min @14rpm. Gymboss decided to fuck up, impossible to set up intervals without seeing digits… Long story short, stress, yell, stress some more, waste time looking for another timer.┬áDecided to play it really safe and slow, since every time I rush or am stressed I end up injuring myself. Another week where won’t be able to train 3 times a planned. It’s getting ridiculous…

Sn @24kg x5mnin e.s @10-12rpm
I took 3 breath in the lockout. Grip was fine, probably had over 1 minute on each side.

Rv. Lg @60kg x1 e.s *10 sets
Bf. pull ups x4 *5 sets
Dands x10 *5 sets