7 weeks training to go, then a week deload leading to the kettlebell marathon world championships in Minsk…

A1B1C1: farmers walk @2*40kg x1min
A2B2C2: rope skip x1min
A3: jerk B3: snatch C3: LC x1min e.s
= 12min

round 1 @22kg (15,18,12)
round 2 @24kg (16,16,11)
round 3 @26kg (13,13,8)

H2H swing flipx x10 @20,22,24,26,28,30,32,36kg

Hindu push ups x12, mace @12kg x10+10, walking lunge forward + backward x16+16 *3 rounds



I have been a good boy and took a full week off training after the 2 hour record attempt.
Over the weekend I did some light bodyweight stuff and club swinging. I feel pretty good.
Not so much time to get ready for Kettlebell Marathon WOrld Championship in Minsk, so I decided to stick to LC 60min as my discipline. Might also do 30min snatch depending on how training goes in the next few weeks.

A1: rope skip x1min
A2: LC @24kg x1min @12rpm

For assistance, I’m going to go as basic as I can with Simple and Sinister, and will do Indian clubs and some bodyweight stuff on alternate days.

swing @32,36,40,32,36,40kg x10
TGU @28kg x1 e.s *5
Handstand and bar hang shrugs x30