warm up: good mornings, TGU, BG bag spins, BNP, jump rope

4min work @24kg/ 3min jump rope
LCPP @12rpm
Snatch @16rpm
Jerk @16rpm
½ snatch @14rpm

EMM *10: Shouldering SB @45kg, carry, turn and drop x2

Glute bridge @70kg x25

farmers @2*40kg x100steps

Hollow, bridge



warm up: rope skip, TGU x1 e.s @16-28kg, shouldering + carry @45kg sandbag, farmers walk @2*32-40kg, DL @100kg x6

LCPP @24kg x10,14,10,14
Sn @24kg x16,20,16,20
Jk @24kg x16,20,16,20

EMM *12: SQ @80kg x1

Glute bridge @60kg x25

Hollow, bridge


warm up: jump rope, TGU @20kg, sandbag shouldering @45kg, hollow, glute bridge @100kg x10, DL @100kg x3

3min/1min rest
LCPP @24kg x10,14,10
Sn @24kg x20,22,20
Jk @24kg x16,20,16

ZSQ singles @60,70,80,90kg

SQ @60kg + bands x10

swing @30kg x1min30 e.s

hindu push ups, pallof press, bridge

squats with bands


I never train the day after a party, but friends made me do it… and it went better than anticipated 🙂

LCPP @22kg x6min @10/14rpm, 2min rest
Snatch @22kg x6min @16rpm, 2min rest
Jerk @22kg x6min @16/20rpm, 2min rest

Hindu squats x3min AMRAP

Hindu push ups, bridge


warm up: TGU, rope skip, farmers walk, deadlift

LCPP @22kg x4min, 2min rest (10,14,10,14)
Snatch @22kg x4min, 2min rest (16,20,16,20)
Jerk @22kg x4min, 2min rest (16,24,16,24)

Squat @60kg x34 (tried to picture Denis Vasiliev doing 100kg x100, it helped fuck all…)

chins x16, thick rope susp. row x13, archers pull @180lbs x9 e.s (then I was spent, shaking and all)

Hindu push ups, hollow position x45 sec, med ball throws, bridge


Last week, I have achieved my goal of 50 reps LC@2x28kg in 20 min. I actually have hit 50 reps a few times, but last week those 50 reps all felt solid. There is nothing wrong in repeating a training pass until you feel you own the weights and numbers.
My initial plan was to start working on timed sets after that, but I decided to carry on for a while with non specific GS training, with focus on the heavier bells. I have planned my next LC competition for June, so I have plenty of time to get back into proper GS. For now, I think fun with the red devils should be good for me, and I want to test a minimalist approach to training, see where it takes me.

For time: 27min

  • swing @32kg x300
  • Jerk @2x32kg x18

clean and press @20kg x15e.s, multi switch

Slam ball rotation throw 5 e.s x3


I decided to alternate sessions of LC with snatch sessions, at least for a while anyway. Competitions are far away so I have time to work on different goals. One of them being kettlebell half marathons…

Snatch@24kg 1min e.s/ 1min rest: 21e.s,21e.s,21e.s

every 2min x3 rounds: BG bag spins @17kg x10e.s + 10push ups

hip thrust @81kg x12,12

Sandbag shouldering + reverse lunge @45kg x5e.s

I haven’t trained with barbells in a long time now, so I think I soon have to do a test on the basic lifts, compare to my best results, and see what happens after a few month of training LC with 28s.


LC @2x28kg (50/20 protocol) x55 reps (5*5, 3*10)

I recently  picked up 28s again for LC in many months. Better and smoother technique than in January 🙂

push press @20kg  x23e.s multiswitch

hand over hand rope pulls amrap 3min

swing @32kg x50e.s

OH squat @2x16kg x6,6,6


trail run x20 min

2 min on/1 min off:

  • snatch @16kg @20rpm, @20kg @20rpm, @24kg @20rpm
  • 1 arm LC @20kg @12rpm, @24kg @12rpm
  • LC @2x20kg @10rpm

The thumb-less grip seems to work alright, of course hard to say how it will go on longer sets. But that’s OK, I won’t be breaking any of my records in LC or snatch this Saturday anyway 🙂

That’s it, tomorrow I’ll be off to Copenhagen to set up the venue for our second national championship, teach a class, and pray everything goes smooth tomorrow!

Kettlebell Sport DM 2013