Sumo DL@89kg x5 *2

  • rope skip x3min
  • jerk @16kg x4min @30rpm/ rope skip x3min
  • snatch @16kg x4min @20rpm/ rope skip x3min
  • BG bag spins @12kg x5 e.s + 5 push up (mixed)/ rope skip x3min
  • ½ snatch @16kg x4min @18rpm/ rope skip x3min

since I have not done much endurance training those last 4 weeks, I decided to use a light weight to get back into the flow. It went OK.



warm up: jump rope, deck squat, Hindu push up, TGU @22,26,30kg x1 e.s, 2H swing @30kg x20, Sumo DL @60kg x5 *2 (technique work)

3min @26kg / 2min rest
Jerk @14rpm
½ snatch @14rpm
LCPP @8rpm

swing @26kg x30 e.s
Glute bridge @60kg x30
Suspended row x20
Hollow, bridge

not the best energy this week, too many late nights. It’s going to be a slow progression @26kg… Then again, I am in no big rush 🙂