Superset KB triathlon
A1 1 min rope skip
A2 Jerk @24kg x1min @16rpm
* 5sets
B1 1 min rope skip
B2  Half snatch @24kg x1min @16rpm
* 5sets
C1 1 min rope skip
C2 LC @24kg x1min @12rpm
* 5sets
= 30min

Suitcase walk @24kg x30 steps e.s


warm up: jump rope, hindu push ups, deck squats, TGU @20,24,28kg

6min @24kg/2min rest

LCPP @10rpm
Snatch @20rpm
Jerk @14rpm

hollow, bridge

working over the weekend always leaves me a little too tired. Decided to do assistance work tomorrow instead.
only 2 KB sessions this week because of filming KB exercises this coming weekend.


I think this year I have snatched a kettlebell just over 10 times or so.  I mean this blog is about my kettlebell Long Cycle training, or so I though back in December. ..
Like I mentioned previously, I have plans to enter some kettlebell half marathons next year, and not sure what the discipline will be. Long cycle would be the obvious choice, so I decided to try snatch just for fun. 20kg sounded too light, and 24kg for a 1st attempt sounded a bit too ambitious.
The plan was to keep to 16rpm throughout. Like most plans without preparation, it did not work 🙂

half marathon, snatch @22kg x455

International kettlebell marathon rules http://www.afgs.fr/i-g-s-j-a/