short on time

TGU @16kg x1 e.s *5sets

20min AMRAP @2*16kg
Complex 1: Iranian floor press x3 e.s, Rng row x3 e.s, 1 leg RDl x3 e.s *7rounds
Complex 2: double half snatch x3, OH squat x3, see saw press x3 *7rounds



7 weeks training to go, then a week deload leading to the kettlebell marathon world championships in Minsk…

A1B1C1: farmers walk @2*40kg x1min
A2B2C2: rope skip x1min
A3: jerk B3: snatch C3: LC x1min e.s
= 12min

round 1 @22kg (15,18,12)
round 2 @24kg (16,16,11)
round 3 @26kg (13,13,8)

H2H swing flipx x10 @20,22,24,26,28,30,32,36kg

Hindu push ups x12, mace @12kg x10+10, walking lunge forward + backward x16+16 *3 rounds


OK, so the fasting period and lack of purposeful training is over and I am ready to get into the groove. 4 months to Minsk, no time to fuck around… Observations after this session, light bells are no problem without any training, but KB over 20kg are hard work 🙂
More heavy swings, push press and jerks, RDL and farmers walk are on the programs to come. Skin on the palms also needs to re-adapt to workload… warm up: 1 leg RDL, swing, TGU, WDM @20,24kg 4*4 circuit A,B,C 1: Snatch @20,22,24,26kg @20rpm – D1: swing @24,28,32,36kg A,B,C,D 2: rope skiping push press @20,22,24kg x5,4,3 e.s jerk @26,28,30,32,36 x3 e.s BG bag @17kg: arm throws x10 e.s, spins x10 e.s


Circuit x6 (30min time limit)
rope skip x50
snatch @20kg x10 e.s
rope skip x50
BG bag @12kg arm cast to spin x10
rope skip x50
Push up x10
rope skip x50
2H swing @40kg x10
= 1 round

Day 5 of A. Gernez protocol. If interested this site breaks it down. http://flipper.diff.org/app/items/6612
The timing of the I.F fasting is not conductive to kettlebell marathon training, but that’s how it goes.
On the plus side, I lost 3 cm around my waist.


for the next 2 weeks I’ll only have a 20kg kettlebell and a few other tools, so it will probably look a lot like today

alt. 1leg hip thrust x40

pentathlon 6min circuit @16kg, rest 3min, @20kg
1min of: rope skipping, clean @20rpm, clean and press @10rpm, jerk @20rpm, ½snatch @18rpm, push press @20rpm

bottom up rack walk @24kg x10steps e.s, farmers walk @2*40kg x30 steps

leg crank (sq, dragon lunge, split jump, ice skaters @16) 1min40, rest 2min30, 1min33

Indian clubs