1min intervals for 60min
A1: rope skipping
A2: LC @20kg x5 e.s
a cruisy paced 1 hour session

core, Indian clubs

feeling relaxed for Saturday 2 hour attempt
1 Pood kettlebell



for the next 2 weeks I’ll only have a 20kg kettlebell and a few other tools, so it will probably look a lot like today

alt. 1leg hip thrust x40

pentathlon 6min circuit @16kg, rest 3min, @20kg
1min of: rope skipping, clean @20rpm, clean and press @10rpm, jerk @20rpm, ½snatch @18rpm, push press @20rpm

bottom up rack walk @24kg x10steps e.s, farmers walk @2*40kg x30 steps

leg crank (sq, dragon lunge, split jump, ice skaters @16) 1min40, rest 2min30, 1min33

Indian clubs


chins @18,8kg x1x20

push ups @18,8kg x1x20

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg pyramid 1-6-1 (x36 e.s)

EDT 15min rev. lunge with sandbag @50kg: x39 e.s

OH squat @2x16kg x5, 2x12kg x10

Hip thrust @69kg x15

swing @36kg x40 e.s

Indian clubs


Did not feel like doing this yesterday after the half marathon…

Hip thrust @81kg x12,12

EDT 15min: reverse lunge @35kg x65 e.s The sandbag across my shoulders felt like a low bar placement, really nice. I tried to avoid dropping the bag too many times… It’s a bitch to shoulder again 🙂 I did the lunges with a forward inclination to hit the glutes and hamstring more, as mentioned by Brett Contreras in this article. I sure can feel the difference now, as I usually have always done lunges with an uprigth posture.

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x15 e.s

chin ups @18kg x6,6,6,6

Indian club work


trail run x30min

swing @28kg x80 e.s

hip thrust @52kg x15, 15

Bulgarian bag spins x10 e.s

swing to squat with Indian clubs (Rock-it swing) x50. Been experimenting lately with those as a way to increase endurance in the legs, I think I’ll use them more.


Was a bit early for my class today, so did 12min on treadmill + 10 TGU, killing time.


Trail run x40 min

Indian clubs x25 min

I ended up cutting 5 cm off my 2kg clubs and painting them. (Do  not buy Foeldeack wooden clubs, they are just wooden logs.) The dimensions are now perfect for my arm’s length, no more knocking on double outer swings, and the balance is probably even better than before.

Indian clubsIndian clubs


Again a full weekend of workshops and driving… Plus we’re trying to get little Troy to sleep without a nappy, which means a lot of poor quality sleep.
I feel a state of fatigue and decided to just play with the 2kg Indian clubs for 30min by the beach. Even my grip was tired today…

We’ll see how LC goes tomorrow.