swing @40kg x5, rope skip x50 *5 sets

CDL @115kg x3 *3 sets
This weekend I was showing one of the kids how to deadlift, and we ended up with 144kg on the trapbar. Then we set the straight bar to 100kg for conventional and sumo, and all went well. So I decided I should get back into the conventional pull, see how it goes.

Circuit *5 sets: Dands x15, Meels @2*7kg x10/10, Bethaks x30, Bridge, Ring pull ups x5


I never train the day after a party, but friends made me do it… and it went better than anticipated 🙂

LCPP @22kg x6min @10/14rpm, 2min rest
Snatch @22kg x6min @16rpm, 2min rest
Jerk @22kg x6min @16/20rpm, 2min rest

Hindu squats x3min AMRAP

Hindu push ups, bridge


Black LC (2Sw1C1J) @2x20kg x12 min (last min LC only, @12rpm)

Push press @20kg x3min, switch 30sec 9,9,8,8,8,8

1 arm swing @28kg x70e.s

Hindu squats x130

TRX row x20


Last hard training session, yes please! GSU Competition next Sunday in London.

LC Intervals 1min on/1min off x13sets, pyramid loading

  1. 2*16kg x12
  2. 2*20kg x10
  3. 2*24kg x9
  4. 2*20kg x12
  5. 2*16kg x13
  6. 2*20kg x12
  7. 2*24kg x10
  8. 2*20kg x12 This started becoming hard
  9. 2*16kg x13
  10. 2*20kg x12
  11. 2*24kg x8 Loss of power, heart rate on fire
  12. 2*20kg x10
  13. 2*16kg x12

Swing @24kg x100 e.s

hindu squat x100 (25/25 Bsquat 50 regular)


LC @2x24kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x20kg x1 min @16rpm, just for fun

Hindu squats x80

1 arm swing @36kg x 50 e.s