EDT 20min chins @20kg x44, push ups @27kg x44 (20% PR and in fewer sets)

Snatch @16kg x16min @18rpm, switch 60sec



EDT 20min @BW chin ups x94 push ups x94

ab wheel x5 x3 sets

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x50 e.s in 4 descending sets of 20,15,10,5. Forarms like Popeye now…


EDT 20min chins @20kg x34, push ups @27kg x34

I saw this 10min KB swing workout today, decided to try it for myself. 5,10,15,20 reps of 2 arm swings done at the start of  every 30 sec interval, followed by 30 sec rest, done for 4 rounds. That’s 200 swings in 10 min. I just increased the load every round using 24,28,32,36kg and eventually got a nice little sweat on.


EDT 15min chins @18,8kg x32/ push ups @21kg x32

Setting up for each set of  loaded chin ups and push ups take a bit of time, so I think I am going to have to do 20min sessions to be able to increase the reps.

ab wheel

run 20min. I have been training density method with reverse lunges for 4 weeks, so it was time to take a week off it, and running felt good.


warm up: rope skip x50, swing @24kg x20, Spins @17kg x5e.s x3rounds

EDT 15min rev. lunge sandbag @50kg x53 e.s. Again, huge PR over 20% since Monday. I did 14 sets, so that was 14 shoulderings as well. I can’t really imagine how hard this is going to become when I get over the 60kg mark…

Hip thrust @74kg x15

RDL @68kg x20

Even thrown in some calf raises and curls. Somehow curls hit my arms way way more than chin ups. Bring back direct work!


chins @18,8kg x1x20

push ups @18,8kg x1x20

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg pyramid 1-6-1 (x36 e.s)

EDT 15min rev. lunge with sandbag @50kg: x39 e.s

OH squat @2x16kg x5, 2x12kg x10

Hip thrust @69kg x15

swing @36kg x40 e.s

Indian clubs