EDT 20min @BW chin ups x94 push ups x94

ab wheel x5 x3 sets

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x50 e.s in 4 descending sets of 20,15,10,5. Forarms like Popeye now…



EDT 15min: chinups @20kg x31, push ups @25kg x31

Circuit x4

  • rope skip x50 turn between each exercise
  • swing @24kg x20 e.s
  • Hindu squats x20
  • Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x10 e.s


chins @18,8kg x1x20

push ups @18,8kg x1x20

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg pyramid 1-6-1 (x36 e.s)

EDT 15min rev. lunge with sandbag @50kg: x39 e.s

OH squat @2x16kg x5, 2x12kg x10

Hip thrust @69kg x15

swing @36kg x40 e.s

Indian clubs


EDT x15min – rev. lunge with 45kg sandbag x54e.s (that’s a 20% improvement since Monday. I did sets of 5s and I dropped the bag after each set.)

hip thrust @57kg x20

Jefferson DL @2x32kg x5e.s x2 sets

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x25 e.s

Push ups @16kg x20

Indian clubs


Sunday I woke up with some kind of nag in the middle of my back, so I decided to switch around the Jerk sessions this week.

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x25 e.s

Push ups @12,5kg x8,8,6,6 (I used to be really good at push ups but these days I really suck, so I thought I should re-introduce them in my training, for a while at least… I originally thought the bag was only 9kg, but eventually found out it was 12,5kg)

Cleans @2x28kg x21

EDT x15min reverse lunge with 45kg sandbag: x45 e.s

Hip thrust @45kg x15

Farmers  RDL @2x32kg x1min (x26 reps)


Did not feel like doing this yesterday after the half marathon…

Hip thrust @81kg x12,12

EDT 15min: reverse lunge @35kg x65 e.s The sandbag across my shoulders felt like a low bar placement, really nice. I tried to avoid dropping the bag too many times… It’s a bitch to shoulder again 🙂 I did the lunges with a forward inclination to hit the glutes and hamstring more, as mentioned by Brett Contreras in this article. I sure can feel the difference now, as I usually have always done lunges with an uprigth posture.

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x15 e.s

chin ups @18kg x6,6,6,6

Indian club work


So lately I have noticed that my running endurance has increased quite nicely, and that I probably need to address other qualities to improve my long cycle.

I used the deck of cards as my basis for circuit training, and set my timer to 20 min. Followed by a trail run for 20min and a swim in the ocean.

Since I was trying this for the first time and I do not want to impact my kettlebell long cycle training negatively (it’s called assistance training for that very simple reason) I used light weights.

  • Jokers, Aces: 35kg sandbag shouldering x1 e.s
  • Kings: Hip thrusts with sandbag @35kg x10
  • Queens: swing @36kg x10 e.s
  • Jacks: get up sit up x10
  • Hearts: 1 arm row @28kg e.s
  • Diamonds: Ice skaters e.s
  • Spades: Bulgarian bag spins @17kg e.s
  • Clubs: Reverse lunge from deficit with BG bag e.s

All in all a very invigorating training session, doing variety exercises. I’ll know if it was wise or dumb tomorrow…