rope skip x1min/ indian clubs x1min *5 sets

20/10 *45 sets
A1: battling ropes
A2: Bg bag soins @12kg (x15)
A3: Hindu push ups (x8)

Indian club @5,5kg x10in + x10out swings each arm *5 sets, jori swing x25 each arm



OK, so the fasting period and lack of purposeful training is over and I am ready to get into the groove. 4 months to Minsk, no time to fuck around… Observations after this session, light bells are no problem without any training, but KB over 20kg are hard work 🙂
More heavy swings, push press and jerks, RDL and farmers walk are on the programs to come. Skin on the palms also needs to re-adapt to workload… warm up: 1 leg RDL, swing, TGU, WDM @20,24kg 4*4 circuit A,B,C 1: Snatch @20,22,24,26kg @20rpm – D1: swing @24,28,32,36kg A,B,C,D 2: rope skiping push press @20,22,24kg x5,4,3 e.s jerk @26,28,30,32,36 x3 e.s BG bag @17kg: arm throws x10 e.s, spins x10 e.s


TGU @20,24kg x1 e.s
1leg RDL @2*16kg x10 e.s *3
RFESS @2*12kg x10 e.s *2

was planning to train in the afternoon but then decided to drive to Germany… training for comp is just not on my top priorities 🙂
anyway, with 10 days to go, not much to do but stay calm and hope to last the storm. No need to get all tired for nothing, hehe!