Black LC (2Sw1C1J) @2x20kg x12 min (last min LC only, @12rpm)

Push press @20kg x3min, switch 30sec 9,9,8,8,8,8

1 arm swing @28kg x70e.s

Hindu squats x130

TRX row x20



Active recovery day

Trail run x20min

Black LC (2Sw,1C, 1J,1OHSQ,1PP) @2x16kg x15min

I took it nice and easy tempo and 15min wasn’t as bad as expected! I think I will incorporate this approach in my training after the competitions in September. It gave me some metal fortitude if nothing else!

That’s the longest set I have trained in a very long time. I have done 20min snatch @16kg with 1 hand switch in 2010. And in April this year, I took the courage to do a set of LC @2x20kg for 12 min,   after reading Gregor Sobocan’s article on Functional Threshold Power

Good stuff!