DM on 03/10-15 went really well with a new PR in Snatch @16kg *243 reps. Lifting a light weight was a wise choice given the stress involved in supervising the event and making it run as smooth as possible. Like Kim says, no need to warm up for 16kg 🙂

IMG_1484[1]Today, I got out the Nordic walking poles
run/ walk fartlek *30min

20 sec work/10 sec rest *30 =15min
A1: battling ropes
A2: Mace 360 @15kg

Indian clubs @2*4kg  (swings: in *20 e.s, out *20 e.s, jori *
20 e.s)


3 weeks out of World championships, I am thinking about switching to snatch instead of LC… so it was probably a good idea to snatch at least a whole session 🙂

A1: active recovery lunges ( @dragon , cossack and reverse…) x1min
A2: snatch (@16,20,24kg…) x1min e.s @16rpm
a1+a2 *12 = 36min
B1: rest x1min
B2: snatch @4rpm x1 min e.s (@16,20,24kg) to work on lockout endurance
b1+b2 *3 = 9min
total = 45min