About Thierry

Thierry Sanchez kettlebell coachMy name is Thierry Sanchez and this is my training blog.
I introduced Kettlebell Sport in Denmark at the end of 2008. My teachers have been Vasily Ginko, Valery Fedorenko, Denis Vasiliev, Oleh Ilika and Anton Anasenko.

I have represented Denmark at several international competitions, and am president for the Danish Kettlebell Sport organization, and vice president for the International Kettlebell MArathon Federation.

My best achievement in GS were in 2010, where I received a gold and silver medal at the IGSF veterans kettlebell biathlon world championship. After that, GS training has been on and off, just training 4-6 months leading to a competition. I received a silver for snatch in 2012 and a bronze for LC in 2014 at the IGSF veterans kettlebell world championship.

My free manual “Kettlebell Sport and Athlete Preparation” has been used by the IKFF on their certification courses and has helped many people around the world understand the principles of training for kettlebell sport.

I have offered online kettlebell coaching since 2012. Those last years, I  have coached athletes for Kettlebell Sport in all 3 classic disciplines, Kettlebell Pentathlon, Kettlebell Half Marathon, and also helped people pass the SFG certification test. Some of the people I coach online do not compete, but enjoy the simplicity of training at home and the benefits of training with kettlebells.

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