Sq @60kg x10 *2
BG ring row x10*2

SnDL @89kg x1,2,3 *3
HSPU x3,2,1 *3

Meel x15/15 *3
Crawl x10m *3



Sq @60kg x5 *3
wrist ring chin x3 *3

SnDL @89kg x3* 3
HSPU x2 *3
Cable curl @100lbs x6/6 *3

Sn @18kg x4min @20rpm. First set since the 1000 reps at the beginning of July.
Had set the timer to 6min but boredom kicked in… Hard to find motivation to train up to VM in kettlebell marathon

Dand x20 *3
Meel @2*7kg x20/20 *3


I cut my little finger a few days ago… Today I managed to cut hedges for 2 hours without any problems, so I decided to get a little training done before teaching Indian clubs tonight.

Circuit *3
SnDL @60kg x5
HS pushup x1
Meel @*7kg x5/5
Dand x5

1000 snatches

There it is, first time trying to snatch 16kg for one hour, no real training to speak of for the last 3 months.
The biggest issue was blisters, since my skin was not adapted to the workload, and therefore could not last 2 hours… Sometimes you know it is impossible bu you still have to try!
The day before I did 500 BW squat to encourage one the athletes lifting 2 hours.

Thierry Sanchez Kettlebell Snatch