CDL singles @100,110,118,126,132,140kg
So that’s double BW for a short, easy and low volume training period. Nothing impressive but I have not pulled that much weight on a straight bar in probably over 4 years. I could have pulled 142-145kg but I chose the easy PR instead, no rush.

circuit *3
ZSq @60kg x3
Meel @2*7kg x30/30
BG ring row x10
Dand x5
XP-lung x10



warm up: bear crawl, rope skip, dand, double sw/sn/ohsq

a1. CDL @101kg x3, @122kg x1, @111kg x2 *2 (time to retest 1RM!)
a2. Cable curl @90lbs x6/6, @100 x5/5, @110 x4/4, @90 x10/10

circuit *3

meel @2*7kg x33/33, x13/13, double time x20/20
NG push up x6
Dand x6
BG row x6
Top position x20sec
Row x6
HS push up x1
Expand-a-lung x10


A1. CDL @101kg x2 @121kg x2,2

A2. cable curls @90lbs x10/10 *3

circuit *2
cossack @17kg x5/5
walking dragon lunge @17kg x5/5
Persian press @2*22kg x5/5
Farmers walk @2*40kg x60steps
Meel turns @2*7kg x10/10
Ring top position x10sec

Mixed throws x5min: shot put, over the shoulder, over the head…


Little boy came to the world 2 weeks earlier than planned, between 2 extremely busy weekends.
Finally got some time and energy to train a little while I took Troy to football practice. Got some funny looks from the other parents while swinging the gada…

Circuit *5 rounds
Dands x20
Gada @18kg x5/5
bethak x50
gada @18kg x5/5