CVL @101kg x2, @111kg x2 *2 sets, @101kg x2

circuit *3
dands x25
meels @2*7kg x15/15
bethaks x50



Decided to try a 4 week wavy program for CVL, no rush or energy to try to set PRs, and the next 6 weeks aren’t going to be any easier 🙂

CVL @101kg x3, @111kg x2

circuit *3 sets
meels @2*7kg x20/20 (PR, 1st time I manage more than 1 set of 20/20)
persian floor press @2*24kg x6/6
snatch @24kg x6/6


Was supposed to deadlift yesterday but was feeling too tired after the garden work. Decided to stop after the warm up.

Today went really well

CVL @126kg x1*10 sets, all easy reps

swing flips x10 @24,26,28,30,32,36,40kg

Gada swing @10kg x20/20 *2 sets


braoger7mayFinally, the last of the garden beds have been dug! Which means I can get back into tracks with my training. This is seriously hard work…





Bethaks x10, Dands x5, Swing @36kg x10 *12 sets

Meels @2*7kg x10/10, Bethaks x20 *10sets

That’s a lot of bethaks, I am dreading DOMS in 2 days time…