TBDL @110kg x3, WMD @16kg x3 e.s *3 sets

Rv Lg @ 60gk x2 e.s, Sn @28kg x3 e.s, Iranian floor press @2*22kg x6, rope pull ups x3 *5 sets

BG bag spin @17kg x 5 e.s, ab press x10, B.U rack walk @22kg x15 st. e.s *2 sets



Finally well enough to start again with some light training, Cardio is shit after such a long break.

TBDL @94kg x1, Dand x3 *10 sets

Snatch dropset @24kg x10, 22kg x15, 20kg x20, 18kg x25, 16kg x30 = 100 e.s in 16min. slow tempo, roughly 12rpm

Rv Lg @60kg x1 e.s, Sn @28kg x1 e.s, Wall slam @5kg x3 e.s *5 sets

I think all motivation to compete is about extinguished.