Warmed up well, was planning Snatch x10min @14rpm. Gymboss decided to fuck up, impossible to set up intervals without seeing digits… Long story short, stress, yell, stress some more, waste time looking for another timer. Decided to play it really safe and slow, since every time I rush or am stressed I end up injuring myself. Another week where won’t be able to train 3 times a planned. It’s getting ridiculous…

Sn @24kg x5mnin e.s @10-12rpm
I took 3 breath in the lockout. Grip was fine, probably had over 1 minute on each side.

Rv. Lg @60kg x1 e.s *10 sets
Bf. pull ups x4 *5 sets
Dands x10 *5 sets



My training week went off the rails… Trip to Flensburg yesterday, then Troy threw up during the night. woke up tired and annoyed. Today I decided to skip training and do cardio instead, farm boy style.

Sweeping the barn x3 hour AMRAP

The good thing is that there are probably another 3-5 hours left for another day 🙂