Guests have left, back into the groove. Under 3 weeks before attempting 2h of LC.

warm up: 1 leg RDL @2*16,2*22,2*26kg x3 e.s, TGU OH sq @20kg x1e.s *2

circuit *10
rope skip x1min
1sw1Cl1sw1HiP x1min e.s
jerk @16kg x30sec e.s @30rpm

40min of torture…


Suitcase walk & B.U rack walk @20kg

OH squat @20kg x5, @30kg x5
Rack pulls @60,70,84,89,100kg x5

Marathon 60min LC @16kg, first time ever so it’s a PR, even though it was a casual attempt!
set the timer to 5min intervals and alternated tempo 10rpm/14rpm nearly until the end. Was not sure how it’d go and did not want to push the body too hard.
reps: 50+70+50+70+50+70+50+70+50+60+50+62= 702
average rpm: 11,7

let’s see how the body feels tomorrow 🙂


OK, so the fasting period and lack of purposeful training is over and I am ready to get into the groove. 4 months to Minsk, no time to fuck around… Observations after this session, light bells are no problem without any training, but KB over 20kg are hard work 🙂
More heavy swings, push press and jerks, RDL and farmers walk are on the programs to come. Skin on the palms also needs to re-adapt to workload… warm up: 1 leg RDL, swing, TGU, WDM @20,24kg 4*4 circuit A,B,C 1: Snatch @20,22,24,26kg @20rpm – D1: swing @24,28,32,36kg A,B,C,D 2: rope skiping push press @20,22,24kg x5,4,3 e.s jerk @26,28,30,32,36 x3 e.s BG bag @17kg: arm throws x10 e.s, spins x10 e.s


Indian clubs x10min

circuit *30min
Snatch @16kg x1min @22rpm
H2H swing flip @20kg x30sec / rebounding x30sec
Snatch @16kg x1min @22rpm
Battling ropes x30sec/ rebounding x30sec

A slow start after a well needed week of recovery after Stage 1.
My 3 week relative fast is coming to it’s end, just have have to deal with the 3 days of full fast coming up…