Superset KB triathlon
A1 1 min rope skip
A2 Jerk @24kg x1min @16rpm
* 5sets
B1 1 min rope skip
B2  Half snatch @24kg x1min @16rpm
* 5sets
C1 1 min rope skip
C2 LC @24kg x1min @12rpm
* 5sets
= 30min

Suitcase walk @24kg x30 steps e.s



Circuit x6 (30min time limit)
rope skip x50
snatch @20kg x10 e.s
rope skip x50
BG bag @12kg arm cast to spin x10
rope skip x50
Push up x10
rope skip x50
2H swing @40kg x10
= 1 round

Day 5 of A. Gernez protocol. If interested this site breaks it down. http://flipper.diff.org/app/items/6612
The timing of the I.F fasting is not conductive to kettlebell marathon training, but that’s how it goes.
On the plus side, I lost 3 cm around my waist.


TGU @20,24kg x1 e.s
1leg RDL @2*16kg x10 e.s *3
RFESS @2*12kg x10 e.s *2

was planning to train in the afternoon but then decided to drive to Germany… training for comp is just not on my top priorities 🙂
anyway, with 10 days to go, not much to do but stay calm and hope to last the storm. No need to get all tired for nothing, hehe!


Guess what? no training during the holidays, and drove a shitload of kms… whole body is stiff and tight
That kettlebell half marathon in 3 weeks is going to be rough 🙂

warm up: rope skipping, suitcase carry, 1 leg DL, windmill

snatch @16kg @20rpm x6min/ 3 min rest, 8min/ 3min rest, 6min

A1: RFESS @2*12kg x5 e.s A2: row @24kg x6 e.s *3 sets