for the next 2 weeks I’ll only have a 20kg kettlebell and a few other tools, so it will probably look a lot like today

alt. 1leg hip thrust x40

pentathlon 6min circuit @16kg, rest 3min, @20kg
1min of: rope skipping, clean @20rpm, clean and press @10rpm, jerk @20rpm, ½snatch @18rpm, push press @20rpm

bottom up rack walk @24kg x10steps e.s, farmers walk @2*40kg x30 steps

leg crank (sq, dragon lunge, split jump, ice skaters @16) 1min40, rest 2min30, 1min33

Indian clubs



warm up: rope skipping, TGU x1 e.s / swing x5 e.s +5 2H @20,24,28,32kg

jerk x5min @16rpm , weight ladder 16,20,22,24,26kg
rest 2min
snatch x5min @16rpm , weight ladder 16,20,22,24,26kg

1 leg hip thrust @35kg x5 e.s *4

handstand shrugs + bar hang shrugs


the man flu got me in the end…

I have not been sick in so long I thought I’d become invincible. Anyway, all the hard coughing is fucking up my back so I am hoping it won’t be as bad as in 2013.
On a positive note, my finger looks like it has healed fully from the recurring bruising from February.

a long way to go before I get a full lever, but it’s fun to play with


yesterday I did some garden work, lifting concrete blocks and hammering, wheel barrow…

today I went for barefoot walk on the beach and then warmed up with a little KB complex
1clean, 1 snatch, 1press, 1 windmill *3 e.s @16,20,22,24,26kg
1clean, 1snatch, 1 push press, 1 windmill e.s @28,30,32,36kg

bent over row with sandbag @30kg x10, @45kg x10

shouldering + carry 5m with sandbag @51kg x1 e.s *5 (even managed a few reps of direct shouldering instead of zercher technique)

I felt so good, I decided to do some Sumo DL. Thought of doing 1min AMRAP @80kg, but instead I did a few singles @60,70,80,90,100,110kg. all reps went easy up, with hook grip, pleasantly surprised 🙂

alternating single leg hip thrust @30kg x30 *2

that was quite an invigorating session, damn!