LC @2*22kg x2 min @7rpm/ 3min

LC @2*24kg x2min @7rpm/ 3min

LC @2*20kg x5 min @7rpm (last 10rpm)

jerk @2*26kg x7,7,7




LC@2x20kg x4min @8rpm

LC@2x22kg x4min @8rpm

LC@2x16kg x7min @8,8,8,8,8,10,12

Jerk @2x28kg x8, @2x24kg x10

1 arm swing @36kg x32 e.s

Ab wheel x8*3/ hip thrusts BW x10*3

hand stand x1min, x30sec

bar hang



  • LC @2*20kg x1min30: 12
  • LC @2*22kg x1min30: 12
  • LC @2*16kg x4min: 8,8,8,12

jerk @28kg x12 e.s

1min work/30sec off

  • swing @2*28kg
  • jump lunges
  • RDL @2*32kg
  • susp. rows with thick rope
  • ab wheel
  • pull ups

swing @28kg x35 e.s


rope skip x5 min

snatch @16kg x6min @20rpm

rope skip  x5 min. skipping on its own was too tedious so I shouldered a 45kg sandbag on the minute, and it made it more fun.

snatch @18kg x6min @20rpm

rope skip/ 1 shouldering x5 min

snatch @20kg x6min @20rpm

Glute bridge dropset x20 reps @75,65,55kg


Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed reading my post about training for kettlebell sport thoughout the year 2013 ! 

From 2014, I will no longer enter each and every session, but hopefully you’ll still get an idea of my training.

All the best to you!