trail run x25min

snatch @16kg x5min @20rpm

hip thrust @55kg x20

farewell 2013!



So, it was time to get back into LC if I want to be ready for 8th June!

  • LC @2*16kg x1min: 8
  • LC @2*20kg x1min:8
  • LC @2*22kg x1min: 8
  • LC @2*16kg x3min:8,8,10

jerk @28kg x10 e.s

  • 1min work/30sec off
  • chin ups
  • swing @2*24kg
  • jump lunges
  • push ups
  • Jef.DL @2*32kg
  • Hindu squats
  • susp. rows with thick rope
  • ab wheel

swing @28kg x30 e.s