Sunday I woke up with some kind of nag in the middle of my back, so I decided to switch around the Jerk sessions this week.

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x25 e.s

Push ups @12,5kg x8,8,6,6 (I used to be really good at push ups but these days I really suck, so I thought I should re-introduce them in my training, for a while at least… I originally thought the bag was only 9kg, but eventually found out it was 12,5kg)

Cleans @2x28kg x21

EDT x15min reverse lunge with 45kg sandbag: x45 e.s

Hip thrust @45kg x15

Farmers  RDL @2x32kg x1min (x26 reps)



cleans @2x28kg x3min @6rpm

cleans @2x24kg x3min @6rpm

EDT 15 min- reverse lunge with sandbag @40kg x71 e.s

Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x20 e.s


I came down with some virus last week, and the actual coughing was so bad it left me with a lot of back/ hip pain for a few days. Today I was feeling almost 100% so I got back onto my simplified program, although cautious with weight.

For time (28min): swing @32kg x120 e.s / Jerk @2x28kg x36

clean + push press @24kg x10 e.s

Oh squats @2x16kg x5,5

Indian clubs