Sad news today…
I have come to the conclusion that going to WC in Tyumen is not realistic. it’s just not finances, but other commitments as well. I do not wish to stress as much as I did during the whole of September.

2013 has been amazing.

I went to Siberia to study Kettlebell Sport with Anton Anasenko. I organized a Kettlebell Festival over the Summer and the 2nd Danish Kettlebell Sport Championship just last weekend. I went to London and Ventspils to compete. I have coached athletes that received medals at competitions, and hit my targets with online kettlebell coaching. I have been away from home most weekends to run workshops

So, to stay sane, healthy and financial sound, letting go of  my WC dream is what I have to do. But other dreams are being dreamed, do not worry about that! I am so high right now, it should be illegal 🙂

Anyway, training yeah! New goals mean new approach, and new experiments!

LC @2x28kg – 50/20 protocol = 45 reps

Circuit x2 rounds

  • push press @22kg x5e.s
  • row @36kg x5e.s
  • push up x5
  • Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x5e.s
  • Sandbag shouldering + B squat @45kg x5e.s
  • hip thrust @66kg x5
  • KB jump squat @20kg x5


Here are my 2 sets from DM.

Even though I was stressed as hell from running the event, I never stepped up to a platform as relaxed as I did yesterday. It felt as comfortable as wearing slippers! Not (having time!) worrying about training or performance was a true blessing.

LC @2x20kg 

Snatch @24kg

Not using the finger lock seems to work great for me 🙂
Body weight was on the right side of 65kg this time.


trail run x20 min

2 min on/1 min off:

  • snatch @16kg @20rpm, @20kg @20rpm, @24kg @20rpm
  • 1 arm LC @20kg @12rpm, @24kg @12rpm
  • LC @2x20kg @10rpm

The thumb-less grip seems to work alright, of course hard to say how it will go on longer sets. But that’s OK, I won’t be breaking any of my records in LC or snatch this Saturday anyway 🙂

That’s it, tomorrow I’ll be off to Copenhagen to set up the venue for our second national championship, teach a class, and pray everything goes smooth tomorrow!

Kettlebell Sport DM 2013


I haven’t updated my log in a while, simply because I haven’t trained in a while. Last session was in Ventspils 8 days ago when I chose to snatch because my hips were making LC impossible.

Click here to read the Ventspils Atlants 2013 report

There’s been too much going on in my life… September will be remembered as the month that nearly sent me to hospital with a mental breakdown 🙂

I am so glad it is over! I had a huge respect for single parents before, now I have no words! Finally my wife is back home after having been away to study and I am getting a few more things done.

In a few days I’ll be off to Copenhagen to set up our second national championships, and basically I am going to wing it, see how it goes.

A week ago I mentioned on facebook “If you’re not willing to lose, you don’t deserve to win.” Today I read something Denis Vasiliev wrote ” I am always ready to lose but I never give up.” Take a chance, because it’s not over until the fat lady sings!

The hips are back in place, just a bit of stiffness left. Yesterday I was teaching students of Aalborg trainer academy, and did some light sets of jerk and LC without discomfort. But basically since I came back from London on the 2nd September I have had 7 meager LC training sessions, and basically no cardio whatsoever. I am expecting to cough my lungs up on the platform and severe DOMS…
I’ll be snatching as well, just for fun, and using my own style just to compare with the results I got in Ventspils.
Food wise… Trying a vegan diet went well, until well, coming back from London! I have ben so stressed and busy that I basically did not get enough calories in those last weeks.  I was under 65kg in Ventspils, the lightest I’ve been in over 25 years. So I am putting the diet on hold until I am back track. That’s the only smart thing I feel I can do given the situation right now.

After DM, things should calm down again… but then the serious training towards World Championships in Tyumen will begin 🙂
That’s life, keep it interesting!