Last week, I have achieved my goal of 50 reps LC@2x28kg in 20 min. I actually have hit 50 reps a few times, but last week those 50 reps all felt solid. There is nothing wrong in repeating a training pass until you feel you own the weights and numbers.
My initial plan was to start working on timed sets after that, but I decided to carry on for a while with non specific GS training, with focus on the heavier bells. I have planned my next LC competition for June, so I have plenty of time to get back into proper GS. For now, I think fun with the red devils should be good for me, and I want to test a minimalist approach to training, see where it takes me.

For time: 27min

  • swing @32kg x300
  • Jerk @2x32kg x18

clean and press @20kg x15e.s, multi switch

Slam ball rotation throw 5 e.s x3


2 thoughts on “28/10-13

    • Thanks Josh, for now it’s just low reps, just to get used to the 32s and technique. Will see how it works out in the end. Valentin Egorov actually suggested me to jump to 32s when I was in Ventspils. LC with 28kg has been OK technique wise. With 32s, my clean is pretty much survival like! the jerk portion goes OK, so I am going to focus on that for a while.

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