Sad news today…
I have come to the conclusion that going to WC in Tyumen is not realistic. it’s just not finances, but other commitments as well. I do not wish to stress as much as I did during the whole of September.

2013 has been amazing.

I went to Siberia to study Kettlebell Sport with Anton Anasenko. I organized a Kettlebell Festival over the Summer and the 2nd Danish Kettlebell Sport Championship just last weekend. I went to London and Ventspils to compete. I have coached athletes that received medals at competitions, and hit my targets with online kettlebell coaching. I have been away from home most weekends to run workshops

So, to stay sane, healthy and financial sound, letting go of  my WC dream is what I have to do. But other dreams are being dreamed, do not worry about that! I am so high right now, it should be illegal 🙂

Anyway, training yeah! New goals mean new approach, and new experiments!

LC @2x28kg – 50/20 protocol = 45 reps

Circuit x2 rounds

  • push press @22kg x5e.s
  • row @36kg x5e.s
  • push up x5
  • Bulgarian bag spins @17kg x5e.s
  • Sandbag shouldering + B squat @45kg x5e.s
  • hip thrust @66kg x5
  • KB jump squat @20kg x5

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