Just a few speed sets today, lifting (hopefully) on Sunday in Ventspils.

1min/ 3 min off x3 sets

LC @2x24kg x11

LC @2x22kg x11

LC @2x20kg x11

I make my worst decisions/mistakes when I feel rushed.. Long story short, I tweaked my back somehow today, rushing though things. Just enough to be felt and be bothered by it.  Like I’ve said it’s been a few hectic weeks lately, and even though I cut down my training to match my life pace, I am running a bit on empty. Amazingly I have been ill 🙂 So we’ll see how I feel by Sunday. The worst is soon over, I should get back on normal mode and put in 6 solid weeks training before Tyumen.



Had a busy weekend at Nike/ Inspire convention.

LC@2x24kg x1min work/ 3 min rest: 11,11,11,11,12

1 arm swing @36kg x51 e.s


a few speed sets. There’s not much else to do, really. Competition in Latvia, Ventspils Atlants is next Sunday, and I am taking my friend and student Benjamin along.
My body is tired so there’s no point training hard, I’d rather give it a chance to recover. Since I cam home from England on the 02/09, I have seen my wife a couple of hours. She’s studying up North and is away on weekdays. I am away on weekends. That’s the schedule for September… So that’s a lot of extra work around the house, garden and with Troy, my little mischievous 3 years old. I am also tying up all loose ends for our national kettlebell competition on the 05/10.
So training has too be light otherwise I am afraid I will go down with a bug or something 🙂

Skipping over yesterday’s training was a good idea, I hit a new PR today LC 2x20kg x94 reps.

followed by 1 superset:

rockit swing @10kg x50, Hindu squats x50, alternating reverse lunge x50

Off to teach some workshops this weekend: Kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, Indian clubs


trail run x30min

swing @28kg x80 e.s

hip thrust @52kg x15, 15

Bulgarian bag spins x10 e.s

swing to squat with Indian clubs (Rock-it swing) x50. Been experimenting lately with those as a way to increase endurance in the legs, I think I’ll use them more.


A change of pace today, Kettlebell Long Cycle time ladders.

1min +2min+3min= 1 ladder,1 min rest between sets.

LC @2x24kg @7rpm: 7+14+22

3min rest

LC @2x22kg @7rpm: 7+14+22

3min rest

LC @2x20kg @7rpm: 7+14+22

That was enough training for 1 day 🙂
A long way to go before I am able to do all 3 @24kg!


Black LC (2Sw1C1J) @2x20kg x12 min (last min LC only, @12rpm)

Push press @20kg x3min, switch 30sec 9,9,8,8,8,8

1 arm swing @28kg x70e.s

Hindu squats x130

TRX row x20


Back into it, next stop Latvia for Ventspils Atlants 10th edition, on the 22nd September.

1min on/ 1min off x12:

LC @2x20kg alternating with Jerk @2x16kg: 8,18,11,18,11,18,11,18,11,18,12,20 Kaboom! (jerk sets were done as 30 sec Push press & 30 sec Jerk)

Swing @x28kg x55

Hindu squat x100

1 arm row @28kg x10 e.s