variety lifts for 20min (Bulgarian bag spins, hip thrusts, Sandbag shouldering to B squat, ice skater, stacked rows, get up sit up…)

trail run for 20min

Brief cold water swim!



LC @2x22kg x10min @7rpm, last @9rpm: 72 reps new easy PR. I feel right on track for Tyumen in November and 75 reps @2x24kg

Jerk @2x28kg x12

double swing dropset @32,28,24kg x15,20,25

Quick walk to the beach, water is becoming cold again and kite surfers were out. If I manage to keep this up in my daily routine, I’ll try winter bathing this year 🙂 There’s a club with sauna not very far from where I live.


LC @2x24kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min @9rpm

LC @2x20kg x1 min @16rpm, just for fun

Hindu squats x80

1 arm swing @36kg x 50 e.s


LC @2x22kg x8min @7rpm, last minute @12  (63 reps) still a bit of inner rotation issue, but cleans look and feel better. Lots left in me today!

jerk @2x28kg x1min @11rpm

double swing dropset @32,28,24kg x12,20,20 (52 reps)


20min variety lifts card format, 15min run, than a quick dip in the sea

  • Jokers, Aces: 45kg sandbag shouldering x1 e.s
  • Kings: 1 leg Hip thrusts with sandbag @20kg x5 e.s
  • Queens: double swing outside knees @2x22kg x10
  • Jacks: get up sit up @12kg x10
  • Hearts: 1 arm row @22+12kg e.s
  • Diamonds: Ice skaters e.s
  • Spades: Bulgarian bag spins @17kg e.s
  • Clubs: Reverse lunge from deficit with 17kg e.s


I took a few days off regular training to be recovered for the Friendship tournament. Did not want to push for a 10 min set with 24s so I hoped to get over 90 reps with 20s, which is OK given the I only resumed training 3 weeks ago after 2 weeks holidays.

Seems like I adapt to tempo increase faster than I adapt to weight increase… Ah to be skinny and old 🙂 There might still be hope to break the 100 rep barrier yet, a long standing goal of mine!

Hindu squats x50 x2

lots of tiger tail massage…