I woke up feeling better. Checked my blood pressure before I decided to do some light training, it was almost back to my usual 120/80…

Yesterday my systolic pressure was 140 and diastolic pressure was up to 117, no wonder I felt so bad. It never stops to amaze me how much the mind can influence the body. Interesting to note that some years ago 120/80 was considered ideal…

Classification of blood pressure for adults
Category systolic, mmHg diastolic, mmHg
Hypotension < 90 < 60
Desired 90–119 60–79
Prehypertension 120–139 80–89
Stage 1 Hypertension 140–159 90–99
Stage 2 Hypertension 160–179 100–109
Hypertensive Emergency ≥ 180 ≥ 110

did 2min LC @2x16kg @10 rpm, 1 min @2x20kg @10 rpm, 1 min @2x24kg @10 rpm

finished off with swing @28kg x60 e.s, 50 hindu squats and a quick swing in the sea.


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