LC @2x24kg x3 min @8rpm

LC @2x22kg x3min @9rpm

LC @2x20kg x3min @10rpm (81 total reps, kind of intense… had to struggle not to quit)


Double swing dropset @32,28,24kg x15,20,25 (60reps)



So lately I have noticed that my running endurance has increased quite nicely, and that I probably need to address other qualities to improve my long cycle.

I used the deck of cards as my basis for circuit training, and set my timer to 20 min. Followed by a trail run for 20min and a swim in the ocean.

Since I was trying this for the first time and I do not want to impact my kettlebell long cycle training negatively (it’s called assistance training for that very simple reason) I used light weights.

  • Jokers, Aces: 35kg sandbag shouldering x1 e.s
  • Kings: Hip thrusts with sandbag @35kg x10
  • Queens: swing @36kg x10 e.s
  • Jacks: get up sit up x10
  • Hearts: 1 arm row @28kg e.s
  • Diamonds: Ice skaters e.s
  • Spades: Bulgarian bag spins @17kg e.s
  • Clubs: Reverse lunge from deficit with BG bag e.s

All in all a very invigorating training session, doing variety exercises. I’ll know if it was wise or dumb tomorrow…


A great lassitude permeated my entire being today, so I skipped training.

The reason is quite simple I think. Wednesdays and Thursdays I teach a fitness class form 0900-1000, and even though the load is low, pulse is up for 45min, and it affected my body. That and the fact I built up a kind of platform to do hip thrusts in my cellar, and did a about 10 reps with 92kg yesterday. I haven’t done hip thrust in a while, and well, my glutes feel tired today 🙂

No point doing a session when quality and energy are compromised. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow!