The missus recently bought a little garden, so there is lots of work to be done…
Lucky we get Troy to work as well

Anyway, sometimes sunshine gets in the way of training 🙂


LC @2x22kg x7min @6rpm

LC @2x22kg x3 min: 7,8,12

LC @32kg x1min e.s: 10e.s

swing @28kg x60e.s

squat @100kg x3,3,3

1 arm row @40kg x8e.s

BB Russian twists x12,12

Windmill @2x16kg x6es,6es



Did the morning kettlebell class along with students which was fun and loosened me up nicely.


LC@2x22kg x6min @8rpm

GS squat @60kg x100,70

Swing @28kg x70e.s


Those last 3 weeks have been chaotic, and my training has been on maintenance mode… Also, knowing that I am going on holidays at the end of June and won’t be able to lift a kettlebell for 2 weeks is not a great motivation for me to go all crazy right now. so just cruising…

2min on/ 1min off

  • LC @2x16kg  @10rpm
  • LC @2x20kg @9rpm
  • LC @2x22kg @8rpm

Swing @32kg x30 e.s

Squat x5 reps @30,40,50,60,70,80,90kg no rest, just add plates and go)

1 arm row @38kg x12 e.s