Day 3 and I hit my PR as expected!
Which is also my first ever 10min set with 2x22kg. I managed 67 pretty solid reps.

I felt nervous and lost track of my count already in the first minute, so I went by feel. After 4 min, I dropped to a relaxed 6rpm tempo, taking many breath in the rack, and finished strong with 9 rpm in the last minute.

All the conditions were set for a PR today, so I didn’t feel I had a special goal apart from getting over 60 reps. I went with the flow, and did not squeeze every resource out of my body. I won’t be touching a kettlebell for at least 15 days now anyway. But now I know how easy and roughly how long it takes me to be able to do a 10  min set with 22s. All that with minimal volume and effort.

I might try a slightly different approach with tempo next cycle.

Kettlebell rack Thierry Sanchez

I finished my set with lots of short sets of farmers walk, returning all the pups home to my cellar.


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