Day 3 and I hit my PR as expected!
Which is also my first ever 10min set with 2x22kg. I managed 67 pretty solid reps.

I felt nervous and lost track of my count already in the first minute, so I went by feel. After 4 min, I dropped to a relaxed 6rpm tempo, taking many breath in the rack, and finished strong with 9 rpm in the last minute.

All the conditions were set for a PR today, so I didn’t feel I had a special goal apart from getting over 60 reps. I went with the flow, and did not squeeze every resource out of my body. I won’t be touching a kettlebell for at least 15 days now anyway. But now I know how easy and roughly how long it takes me to be able to do a 10  min set with 22s. All that with minimal volume and effort.

I might try a slightly different approach with tempo next cycle.

Kettlebell rack Thierry Sanchez

I finished my set with lots of short sets of farmers walk, returning all the pups home to my cellar.



What a cart load of horse shite!

What a cart load of horse shite!

Second day of ramping up. 10 min test with 2x22kg tomorrow.

LC @2x16kg x8min @11rpm

I stopped at the 8th min, as I felt the set started to become challenging. Train smart, stop competing everyday!



Probably my 1st LC set with 2x12kg, ever 🙂
Why? the main reason is to build up to a test attempt on Wednesday. I have had a few days off LC last week, so I am basically ramping up nice and easy.
The second reason is to prove people that say a certain weight is to light to do the technique right, that they are too strong for such light weight, and cannot fixate 12kg overhead properly. They are most likely delusional…

So that was it for today, 10 min with 12kg @11rpm, then some sit ups, get ups, windmills, BG bag spins, and med ball throws.


Tuesday I played around with some odd lifts and my new toy the Gada and Indian clubs.

Yesterday during the warm up I could feel my hips and lower back were tight, so I stopped it at that. Probably setting a squat PR after a LC PR wasn’t the smartest thing 🙂 Since I’ll be teaching a kettlebell course this weekend, there was no need to risk aggravating things.

Today like every Thursdays, I was teaching a kettlebell class and worked up a good sweat.

The I went onto the spin bike and did HRIT 10/50 for 14min, followed by a run and walk to cool down.


Did my morning KB class as a warm up.

Decided it was time to re-introduce some 28s in my program. Just once a week, short sets only for now.

Interval method x10sets

LC @2x24kg alternating with Black LC @2x28kg: 8,4,8,4,8,4,8,4,8. Last set @2x24kg: 10

LC @36kg, cluster set 20sec x3 e.s x2 sets

Swing @24kg x3min e.s

10 min rest: BP 123/84, HR 83


Was a bit early for my class today, so did 12min on treadmill + 10 TGU, killing time.


Trail run x40 min

Indian clubs x25 min

I ended up cutting 5 cm off my 2kg clubs and painting them. (Do  not buy Foeldeack wooden clubs, they are just wooden logs.) The dimensions are now perfect for my arm’s length, no more knocking on double outer swings, and the balance is probably even better than before.

Indian clubsIndian clubs