Went to see a chiropractor today who specializes in sports injuries. Heard some good stuff about him through a friend who also had a major bike crash. My accident goes back to 2000 and left me with lots of hip, shoulder and neck issues. A little shoulder dislocation in 2010 did not help either.

He found a huge dysfunction in both my pecs and right glute, doing some basic tests. A couple of adjustments in my hip and collar bones and I could suddenly activate those muscles again, and see the difference for myself… But now I have to take it easy for a few days.



Troy has been sick and sleeping in our bed those last days…  a hard training day for me!

LC @2x20kg x3min @11-12rpm x3sets: 36,34,33reps

LC @2x24kg x1min @11rpm

swing dropset @32,28,24kg: x20,20,20 e.s

squat @72,5kg x20

1 arm row @38kg x9,9 e.s / push ups x20,20

mace swings

run 10min


I’ve decided to do a few things differently with my training: reduce the assistance training to minimum volume and see if I still get good progress or not.

Intervals LC @2x20kg: x13, 20 jerk only, 13,13,13,13,13,13,13,15

swing@20kg x80 e.s

Squat @65kg x21 (soon reaching a goal of mine 20reps @BW)

1leg RDL @2×20 x15, 15 e.s

Farmers walk @2x32kg x175steps

Mace swings, Hindu pushu ups, bar hang

run x10 min