LC@2x20kg x5min @9rpm

LC@2x22kg x3min @9rpm

LC@2x20kg x3min @10,10,13

A1 Hip thrust SB@40kg x15,15,15

A2 Swing @36kg x30e.s, @32kg x30e.s, @28kg x40e.s

The lack of regular training and no extra cardio over the last 2 weeks could be felt today… But still OK



Haven’t done many chins ups in those last few weeks, mainly 1 arm rows so I decided to test me

Chin up x19, nicely satisfactory 🙂

Nine month ago I did a single with 42,5kg at BW 68kgPlanned to test this afternoon, but right now after my kettlebell long cycle training, I feel more like chilling out…

LC Intervals, wave loading

  • 2x16kg x12,12,12
  • 2x20kg x12,12,14 last set
  • 2x22kg x12,11
  • 2x24kg x12,10
  • 2x28kg x8

swing @28kg x65 e.s


Again a full weekend of workshops and driving… Plus we’re trying to get little Troy to sleep without a nappy, which means a lot of poor quality sleep.
I feel a state of fatigue and decided to just play with the 2kg Indian clubs for 30min by the beach. Even my grip was tired today…

We’ll see how LC goes tomorrow.


So I have been on the road a lot those last few days, and again from tomorrow to Sunday evening. Not much chance for training…

LC@2x20kg 2 min intervals: 22,22,22,22,22,25

Squat @90kg x10

swing @32kg x60 e.s

1 arm row @38kg x11 e.s

1 arm clean and press @20kg x2min 5,5,5,5


Kettlebell Pentathlon in Odense, in the park


5x 6min sets, multi switch, 5 min rest between sets

Clean @32kg x112 (max reps 120)

Clean and Press @16kg x60 (max reps 60)

Jerk @28kg x89 (max reps 120)

Half Snatch @28kg x90 (max reps 108)

Push Press @16kg x120 (max reps 120)

Total score: 1434,5 points


LC @2x20kg x5min @11rpm

A bit tired so change of plans:  Black LC @2x16kg x5 min (2min @2Sw1LC, 2min @1Sw1LC, 1min @LC x14)

Squats @85kg x21

swing @32kg x55 e.s

Tomorrow is Pentathlon attempt in the park with the crew from Odense.


Active recovery day

run x20min

Indian clubs x20min

mobility, core x10 min

This breathing exercise is awesome and probably most athletes would benefit from it.
Since I started adding crunches to my Kettlebell Long Cycle program in December my back has felt really good: really, it’s a no brainer. One of the functions of your abs is to stop hyper extension. Too much extension work (swings, snatches, squats, clean and jerk…) and too little ab work creates imbalances. Recently I have become a fan of deadbug exercises, and now this one. I find it works specially well at the end of training, followed by some spine rolls as I demonstrate in the useful videos section.


Long cycle @2x20kg x1min on/ 1min off x10 sets: 12,12,12,12,12,12,12,12,12,almost 14 😉

1 arm swing @20kg x60 e.s

squat @80kg x20

1 arm row @38kg x10 e.s

Hindu push up x20

Hip thrust @40kg x15/ mace swing x10 e.s x2 suprersets

cardio x15min