April 2013, week 2


LC intervals 1min on/1min off: @2x28kg x7,7,7,7 @2x24kg x10,10,10 felt like my heart was gonna explode…

1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 x30,30,30 e.s

A1 def rev lunge @40kg x6,6 e.s

A2 1 arm row @34kg x10,10 e.s

B1 squat @30kg x100 @20rpm

Bar hang


Trail run x30min

Indian clubs x15min


LC @2x24kg x5 min @8rpm

LC @2x28kg x1 min x8,8

Circuit x2

1 leg RDL @2x28kg x6,6 e.s

Push up x15,15

Farmers walk @2x28kg x130 steps, @2x32kg x130 steps

Thick rope Susp. Row x15,15

Med ball rotation throws @9kg x10,10

Crunch x25,25

1arm swing dropset @36,32,28 x15,15,15 e.s


Trail run x40min

Indian clubs x15min


April cup LC @2x24kg x46 in 5min


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