April 2013, week 1


LC @2x24kg @6rpm x9 min 55reps

Snatch @28kg x1min e.s

Swing dropset @28,24,20,16 x20 reps each, e.s

A1 Deficit reverse zercher lunge @35kg x6,6 e.s

A2 1 arm row @34kg x9,9 e.s

B1 GS jump squat @70kg x60

B2 hindu push ups x15

B3 mace swing x10 e.s

Bar hang


Run x15min

Black LC with gloves @2x16kg x6min

Snatch with gloves @16kg x2min e.s

Bike HICT x15min

Rope skip, run, walk x15min


LC@2x28kg x1min@6rpm

LC@2x24kg x5min @8rpm

LC @2x20kg x5 min @8rpm

Circuit x2 rounds

1leg RDL @2x26kg x9e.s

Chin up x13,11

Push ups x20

Farmers walk @2x28kg x120 steps

1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 (x25,25,25 e.s)

Bar hang


Easy cardio

3min: rope skip, deficit reverse lunges, Indian clubs x3 rounds (27min)

Glove snatch @16kg x3min e.s

Indian clubs x10min


LC@2x28kg x3min @6rpm

LC@2x24kg x5min @8rpm

Squat @17kg x100

1 arm row @36kg x9e.s

Swing dropset @36,32,28kg x20 e.s


10min @EMM: SB C+P @25kg x5

10min @EMM: susp. thick rope rows x6, slam ball side to side wall throw x6


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