November 2012

19-11 Kettlebell Long Cycle focus

Kettlebell technique is a bit shaky since I nearly haven’t done any jerks or LC in over 1 year

LC 2x16kg 5 min test @12rpm

1 swing, 1 clean, 1 jerk @2x20kg x6, @2x24kg x6 x3 sets

SB @45kg shoulder + B squat x6,6,5,5

1 calf @BW x10 e.s x3

BG bag spins @17kg x20 e.s

BG bag side bend @17kg x15 e.s

Ab wheel x10, crunch x10


Cardio day HR130-145

Bike , row, run (5% slope @8km/h): 40min total

Extras: Neck harness @12kg, wrist, pull ups, suspended rows

The rowing hit the core more than anticipated. Will try to put in 2-3  cardio sessions a week to help recovery and build better conditioning for LC.


LC: 2 min rest between all sets. Building up slowly

2 swings +1 LC @2x28kg 1min @5rpm

LC @2x24kg 1min @10rpm

LC @2x20kg 2min @9rpm

LC @2x16kg 3min @10rpm

LC @2x16kg 2min @10rpm

LC @2x16kg 1min @14rpm

GS squats with SB @45kg 20×4 sets

(tried different holds, best was across the back for more power and felt it more in mu quads compared to bear hug and shoulder hold)

Powerwheel ham curls x10

Hip bridge @45kg x20

Side bend @20kg x20 e.s

BG bag spins @17kg x25 e.s

Bar hang 1min


mixed cardio. I hate doing cardio at the gym, but the possibility of switching machines is great.

bike, run, row, rope skip 50 min

A1: fatgrip chins @BW x10,10,10

A2: neck harness @12kg x20,15,12

thick rope BW rows x20

Indian clubs @2kg play around


Long cycle @2x16kg x10 min @10rpm

1 arm LC @28kg x10 e.s

Bar hang 1min30sec


LC @2x28kg x7

LC @2x24kg x10

LC @2x20kg x12,14

C @2x28kg

Bumps @2x28kg

Sandbag squat @65kg x6,6,6

Abs superset: side bends, BG bag spins, BG bag arm throw, swiss ball crunch

Fatgrips pull ups: 10,5

Indian clubs


Trail running with poles 25min. found out my X country ski poles are too long, so I’ll be ordering new ones.

Indian clubs 10 min

Wrist roller


LC @2x28kg x9

LC @2x24kg x14

LC @2x20kg x13,15

C @2x28kg

Swing @28kg x1min e.s

DL  36+40kg x1min x3 sets

Abs supersets:

side bends @20kg x15 e.s + crunch x15,

BG bag spins @17kg x20 e.s + crunch x15

Crunch x30

Fatgrips pull ups MDS: 1min


Bike  HR 110-120 x 6 min- Run HR 150-160 x12 min incline 5% @12km/h- Bike HR 120-130 x 8 min. Wrist roller, indian clubs


LC @2x28kg x11

LC @2x24kg x18

LC @2x20kg x14,16

1C+1S @2x28kg x2min30sec

Swing @28kg x1min e.s

GS squat with 65kg Sandbag x30 (30sec)

Abs supersets:

side bends @20kg x25 e.s + crunch x15,

BG bag spins @17kg x10 e.s + crunch x15

Gym. Bridge

1S+ 1Sn @16kg 3min e.s

Fatgrips pull ups/ bar hang: 1min (10 reps), Bar hang: 1 min, Thick rope BW rows: 1min (15 reps)


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