Denis Vasiliev and Thierry Sanchez

I went to a workshop with Denis Vasiliev and some members of Kettlebell Sport Danmark yesterday. Denis was really good at demonstrating and explaining the lifts, and gave some good and practical advice on training methods. Real down to earth guy, I can recommend his teaching.

Today’s training

LC @2x20kg x71 in 7min

LC @2x24kg x22 in 3min

Squat @62,5kg x21

1 arm LC @28kg x15e.s @10rpm

1 arm row @38kg x7e.s

Swing @32kg x15e.s, @20kg x70e.s

Glute bridge  @85kg x8,8,8



Intervals clean> LC> jerk

@2x24kg: 14,10,14,14,10,12,14,10,12

@2x20kg: 15,11,13

1 arm LC @28kg  x5min @10rpm (switch every 5)

swing @20kg x2min e.s

squat @60kg x21

A1 Glute bridge @60kg x12 x3

A2 cable face pull @45kg x15-20 x3

mace swing/ core


My hammies were tight from yesterday, did not want to run and the weather was too good for spinning indoors. Damn the thief that stole my mountain bike!
Indian clubs x30 min, barefoot in the grass, facing the sun, damn that was nice!

BTW, started training with the 2kg clubs, those puppies are very challenging.


Almost up to date with the log so far…

LC @2x16kg x36

LC @2x20kg x30

LC @2x24kg x24

LC @2x28kg x15

Swing @32kg x1min e.s, @28kg x1min e.s, @24kg x1min e.s

Deficit Reverse lunge @45kg x9e.s

1 arm row @36kg x8e.s

SQ @40kg x20, @50kg x20

A1 Hip thrust @35kg x15,15,15

A2 mace swings x20,20,20e.s

April 2013, week 3

An easy week away from weights


Trail run 30min

Walk on the beach 20min

Indian clubs 10 min


Spin bike  HRI x15min

Indian clubs x10 min

Macebell x5min


LC @2x16kg @10 rpm x6 min

LC @2x24kg @8rpm x3min

LC @28kg @10rpm x6min, switch min

S @36kg x1min e.s

S @32kg x1min e.s

S @28kg x1min e.s

Def. Rev lunge @40kg x9e.s

1 arm row @36kg x10e.s

Bulgarianbag spins, arm throws, hindu push ups, crunch

April 2013, week 2


LC intervals 1min on/1min off: @2x28kg x7,7,7,7 @2x24kg x10,10,10 felt like my heart was gonna explode…

1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 x30,30,30 e.s

A1 def rev lunge @40kg x6,6 e.s

A2 1 arm row @34kg x10,10 e.s

B1 squat @30kg x100 @20rpm

Bar hang


Trail run x30min

Indian clubs x15min


LC @2x24kg x5 min @8rpm

LC @2x28kg x1 min x8,8

Circuit x2

1 leg RDL @2x28kg x6,6 e.s

Push up x15,15

Farmers walk @2x28kg x130 steps, @2x32kg x130 steps

Thick rope Susp. Row x15,15

Med ball rotation throws @9kg x10,10

Crunch x25,25

1arm swing dropset @36,32,28 x15,15,15 e.s


Trail run x40min

Indian clubs x15min


April cup LC @2x24kg x46 in 5min

April 2013, week 1


LC @2x24kg @6rpm x9 min 55reps

Snatch @28kg x1min e.s

Swing dropset @28,24,20,16 x20 reps each, e.s

A1 Deficit reverse zercher lunge @35kg x6,6 e.s

A2 1 arm row @34kg x9,9 e.s

B1 GS jump squat @70kg x60

B2 hindu push ups x15

B3 mace swing x10 e.s

Bar hang


Run x15min

Black LC with gloves @2x16kg x6min

Snatch with gloves @16kg x2min e.s

Bike HICT x15min

Rope skip, run, walk x15min


LC@2x28kg x1min@6rpm

LC@2x24kg x5min @8rpm

LC @2x20kg x5 min @8rpm

Circuit x2 rounds

1leg RDL @2x26kg x9e.s

Chin up x13,11

Push ups x20

Farmers walk @2x28kg x120 steps

1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 (x25,25,25 e.s)

Bar hang


Easy cardio

3min: rope skip, deficit reverse lunges, Indian clubs x3 rounds (27min)

Glove snatch @16kg x3min e.s

Indian clubs x10min


LC@2x28kg x3min @6rpm

LC@2x24kg x5min @8rpm

Squat @17kg x100

1 arm row @36kg x9e.s

Swing dropset @36,32,28kg x20 e.s


10min @EMM: SB C+P @25kg x5

10min @EMM: susp. thick rope rows x6, slam ball side to side wall throw x6

March 2013


Competition in Omsk, Russia!

LC @2x24kg x 7min 51 reps

Snatch @24kg x7min 134 reps


LC @2x24kg x1min/1min x6: x9,9,9,10,9,8

1 arm swing @28kg x2min e.s

Black cleans @2x16kg x6 min

BG split squat @17kg x12 e.s

Deficit rev lunge @17kg x12 e.s

Dragon lunge @17kg x12 e.s

Crunch x1 min

BG bag @17kg spins x20+20

Side bends @24kg x15 e.s

Thick rope susp. Rows MDS x26

Hindu push ups x21

Bar hang x1min


LC 1min/1min x10 sets @2x16kg alternating with 2x24kg: 13, 10, 14, 11, 13, 11, 13, 11, 14, 10

10 min light cardio:

Rope skip 2min

Swing @28kg x1min e.s

Rope skip 2min

Swing @28kg x1min e.s

Rope skip 2min


LC 1min/1min x12 ladder load @2x16kg @14rpm, 2x20kg @12rpm, 2x24kg @10 rpm:


Glove black clean @16kg x3min 30 e.s

Swing @32kg x30s e.s

Jump squats @60kg x75,50

1leg RDL @2x24kg x9 e.s

1 arm row @24kg x15 e.s


LC @2x16kg x10 min @12rpm (went for 12min, 136 reps)

Def Rev Lunges @23kg x12 e.s

1 leg RDL @2x24kg x12 e.s

1 arm row @28kg x12 e.s

Hindu push ups x12

Crunch x30

Side bend @16kg x15 .es

Bag spins @17kg x10 e.s

Bar hang x1min


run 15min

LC @2x24kg x30 5min

Lc 2x28kg x10

cardio 25 min (5min x: run, row, run, row, Indian clubs)


LC @2x20kg x10 min x9o reps, started off a bit too fast

GS squats @70kg x65, 50

Circuit x2

1leg RDL @2x24kg x10e.s

Suspended rope rows x10

Hindu push ups x10

Med ball rotation wall throw x10

Reverse crunch x15


HRI on spin bike 12sec hard EMM for 15min


LC @2x24kg 1min on/1min off x8 @9rpm (HR last set: 180, +1min:136, +2min: 120, +3min:108)

Swing @28kg x2min e.s

A1 Def. Rev lunge @30kg x9,9

A2 1 arm row @32kg x9,9

B1 BG bag spin @17kg x5es, 5es

B2 hindu push up

Bar hang


LC  1min on/ 1min off , wave loading

@2x20kg x12,12,12,12

@2x24kg x10,10,10

@2x28kg x7,7,7

Swing @28kg x1min e.s

Circuit x2 rounds

1 leg RDL @2x24kg x9e.s

Farmers walk @2x28kg x100 steps

Chin ups x10

Push ups x15

Recovery cardio 10min

Bar hang


Recovery cardio

Run x10 min

Spin bike HICT x20min


Indian clubs x1 hour


Decided to train at home and replaced the planned interval session by a repeated effort method, felt awesome!

LC @2x16kg x20

LC @2x24kg x15 @10rpm x5 sets

Circuit x2 rounds

A1 Straddle jump squat @16kg x30

A2 1 arm row @36kg x6e.s

A3 BG bag spins @17kg x10 e.s

Swing dropset @36,32,28,24kg (x15,15,15,15) e.s

Bar hang